Production Senior Co-Ordinator

Production Senior Co-Ordinator Job Description Template

Our company is looking for a Production Senior Co-Ordinator to join our team.


  • Adapt and develop a quality control management system to ensure products quality and make a daily inspection;
  • Hire employees if needed and train staff about equipment and techniques;
  • Maintain and make a record for the inventory of raw materials and order and check inventory periodically;
  • Develop and manage production schedules to ensure production complete on time, make a weekly report and report to general manager;
  • Work closely with senior management to design concepts, sketches or models in order to expand our products;
  • Interact with other Senior Management to ensure the development and establishment of business strategic plans and long-term production goals;
  • Manage the manufacturing productions to ensure safe and efficient production to meet production targets, upgrade facilities and reduce costs;
  • Develop and implement production plans to efficiently use materials and labors to ensure quality products that meet or exceed customer expectations;
  • Review and maintain equipment regularly, make a maintenance schedule and record the conditions of equipment;
  • Control and responsible for the development of the manufacturing production areas annual budgets and minimize costs.


  • At least 5 years supervisory experiences in related field is required;
  • Advanced analytical, problem solving, strategic thinking and decision-making abilities;
  • Polished communication and organizational skills;
  • A college diploma or above in engineering or business administration is required.