Full Time Front Line Worker

Full Time Front Line Worker Job Description Template

Our company is looking for a Full Time Front Line Worker to join our team.


  • Ensure that all telephone calls are dealt with appropriately;
  • Arrange for wake-up calls for residents who request them;
  • To perform all other related duties as required by management;
  • Assist with supervision of residents;
  • Admit and discharge residents as required;
  • Maintain a clean a welcoming atmosphere;
  • Enforce agency rules and expectations consistently;
  • Provide support, assistance and encouragement to residents;
  • Make necessary referrals to case management department or pastoral care;
  • Report all building problems to the Environmental Services Coordinator;
  • All shifts will make regular rounds throughout building; including walking through the dormitory and bathrooms;
  • Store and properly document all residents’ belongings who have booked out;
  • Perform all necessary clerical duties for documentation, including SMIS, Hostel Registry, Triage, log book entries, and all other required forms;
  • Ensure all donations received after business hours are received and processed according to policy;
  • Ensure resident admission and discharge information is recorded in appropriate places.


  • Knowledge and understanding of homelessness, addictions and mental health;
  • High School Graduate with some further education in the social sciences field or equivalent experience;
  • Fluent in English, written and spoken;
  • Basic computer and clerical skills;
  • Possess excellent problem solving skills;
  • Certification in CPR/First Aid and Crisis Intervention;
  • Ability to function as a team member.