Night Supervisor

Night Supervisor Job Description Template

Our company is looking for a Night Supervisor to join our team.


  • Moves and stores, any and all goods received during the day and/or night;
  • Plays an active and continuous role in the preventing accidents as they relate to operations, equipment and the handling goods;
  • Ensures work priorities provided are completed. Delegates tasks and follows up to ensure performance standards have been satisfied;
  • Makes sure the goods are transported to the proper departments;
  • Helps to ensure that all products are properly labelled and signed;
  • Divides the goods when necessary;
  • Assists in managing the operation of receiving/stocking as well as equipment;
  • Replenishes shelves, sets up signs and stores surplus goods in elevated storage spaces while ensuring a constant vigilance for safety;
  • Ensures all work is conducted in compliance to all relevant health and safety policies and legislation;
  • Handles goods with care and replaces damaged goods;
  • Prepares goods for delivery by placing said goods at the appropriate locations;
  • Upon request, will execute any other related task;
  • Creates an awareness of the loss prevention programs as they pertain to associates and works with these programs;
  • Attempts to eliminate dangerous situation, and reports any such situation to the supervisor and makes recommendations on correcting the problem;
  • Creates an awareness of the loss prevention programs as they pertain to associates and works.


  • Position requires an individual who is able to prioritize and respond to situations in a timely and appropriate manner;
  • Lift truck license, First Aid training, and prior Supervisory experience an asset;
  • Must be a demonstrated decision-maker who easily interacts with others, and who adopts a ‘hands-on” approach to leading and motivating a team;
  • Position requires good communication skills and the ability to work effectively with co-workers and superiors.