Construction Electrician Helper

Construction Electrician Helper Job Description Template

Our company is looking for a Construction Electrician Helper to join our team.


  • Unwrap the electrical fixtures like lights, chandeliers, fans etc;
  • Assist in replacing faulty circuit breakers, fuses, switches, electrical and electronic components or wire;
  • Assist electrician in installing electrical systems;
  • Supplies electrician with materials and tools, using hand and trucks and/or by carrying material;
  • Move tools, equipments and other materilas to and from work area;
  • May hold the ladder while electrician is working on heights;
  • Perform duties as assigned by electrician;
  • Assists electrician in installing and repairing of wiring, electrical fixtures and equipments;
  • Load and unload scaffoldings, ladders and other tools;
  • Assist in installing lighting, electrical outlets and circuit breakers;
  • Clean up all the things after the work has been completed;
  • Assist in replacing of old fuse boxes.


  • Some experience as a general construction labourer helper or in the related field is an asset.

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