How to Balance Two Jobs Simultaneously?


Being productive at one job can be a complicated task sometimes. Balancing two sounds almost like mission impossible. However, the need to diversify the sources of income and increase it in the wake of permanent financial hardships pushed people to look for job № 2. Spoiler alert, there is an extremely low chance, you could succeed at both. Some tasks are to be prioritized, while others will be done with whatever funds remain. However, with good preparation, people can manage several jobs quite successfully. Therefore, give attention to the pieces of advice that help balance occupations you’re or will be dealing with.

Choose different jobs

The best-case scenario is when your occupations differ as much as possible. For example, you are working as a PR manager and a salsa teacher. Our brain more easily switches between activities when they don’t have much in common. If one occupation requires more mental action, the other should be physically challenging. Sure, reaching the complete distinction is almost impossible, but you’ve got the idea. Both jobs demand concentration and good organization. Yet, if you focus on different aspects while performing them, tiredness won’t be that bad. On top of that, thoughts and responsibilities won’t get mixed in your mind. By the way, this rule works well with learning several foreign languages simultaneously. If you have or want to pick two, better consider learning substantially different languages. You won’t get grammar or vocabulary confused.

Automate the tasks

We might get used to doing many things manually. First of all, they seem to be less challenging. Secondly, such tasks give us a sense of accomplishing missions with minimum effort. However, when you agree to work more, embrace the fact that time is your enemy. Therefore, try to automate as many tasks as possible, use different tools to help you track the progress. The more time you spare, the better. Use it for such pleasant things as lying in, having a good time with family or friends. 

Schedule your working hours strictly

If simultaneous doing several tasks takes all your time, think about what went wrong. The wise phrase ascribed to Steve Jobs tells us, we have to work not 12 hours, and head. Yes, easier said than done. No, working all the time won’t make you feel more successful. Rather – exhausted and annoyed. Let’s be honest nothing increases productivity better than the lack of time and burning deadlines. However, if this tactic is too stressful, how about trying to do the most crucial tasks before midday and then fulfilling the rest of the things? When people understand they have a finite amount of time, using it more wisely becomes a priority.

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Project jobs are the best option

Both jobs can’t be equally important. To keep the high level of performance and commitment at activity #1, don’t cut down the time dedicated to it. In many cases, the side hustle is determined solely by the need to get extra money. Isn’t it counterproductive to look for another source of income to jeopardise the first one? The best option, in this case, would be to come back to job №2 on particular days. The bottom line here is that the second activity shouldn’t be as comprehensive and time-consuming as the priority task. For example, working full-time and being a freelancer go well together. The freedom to take a definite amount of duties positively impacts people. It eases stress and helps us feel control over our life. Instead of doing two difficult full-scale jobs, concentrate on the first one and take small bearable projects.

Do what you like

This piece of advice might look the least persuasively. The culture of blindly following your passion doesn’t always stand up to closer examination. However, if we’re talking about the side job, why not cut loose? In the beginning, it will feel like a burden because you have to completely reschedule your life. To make this sacrifice easier, pick up the most appealing option for you. Who knows, maybe in a year or two, you will turn the side job into the mission of your life? 


Published on: 24 June 2021